Where’s to be seen in 2017?

We’re coming up to the end of February already and whilst some of you may have got that next trip in the bag, there will still be one or two who are considering where to get their next stamp in their passport from. Here’s a quick look at my personal choices for this year…


This stunning country on the Dalmatian Coast has been a firm favourite for a while, it’s probably a mixture of the classical architecture of the Old Town, the beautiful islands dotted off the coast and the stunning climate that put this one at the top of my list. Let’s also not forget that you can firmly pretend to be an extra on the Game of Thrones set.



If you’re looking for a destination further afield then Bali may have been on your list for a while so now’s the time to book that flight! Flights remain relatively well priced for this long-haul destination and the weather and rich history and culture of the island makes it a perfect choice.



Since the country has opened back up to tourists a year or so ago people have flocked here to experience the famously warm welcome and fascinating history and architecture of locations such as Esfahan and Persepolis to name but a few.



Everyone is loving Canada at the moment due to a huge number of factors including its beautiful scenery, its friendly welcome to all and its bustling multicultural cities. Make sure you put Canada at the the top of your list for this year.



South America has it’s big hitters such as Brazil and Peru, so Colombia tends to get forgotten about but its a destination that really shouldn’t be overlooked. After emerging out of some darker times in its history it is now considered a very safe place to travel to and with stunning countryside, amazing beaches and a warm welcome from the locals it really isn’t one to be overlooked.



2016 was a tough year for many, if you’re looking to thoroughly escape into the wilderness and get away from everything then Mongolia is for you! Enjoy stays with nomadic families in classic yurts or set up camp as you’re on the road. You’ll get to sample a truly nomadic way of life and you’ll be the only one for miles around…a place to get truly lost in!


So these are my top picks, where’s number one on your travel list for this year?

Happy travels!


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