Adventures are closer than you think…

As much as everyone loves that excitement of getting to the airport, finding your gate and dreaming about your upcoming adventure, you don’t always have to get on a plane to be adventurous.

Why not look a bit closer to home for inspiration? How about a brisk walk down a street you’ve never been before in your local town, maybe a cycle ride into the countryside or even a hike through some fields of wheat?

Last week I joined a few friends on a short hike through the Suffolk countryside, around the villages of Clare and Cavendish.


The hike was only around 7.5 miles and estimated at taking 3.5 hours. With our day-packs laden with snacks and water bottles we began our walk from Clare Country Park and breezed past the castle (blink and you’ll miss it!).

After a few minutes we were out into the Suffolk countryside and through a field with a rather ominous sign warning us to keep an eye out for its resident bull.


We continued through the winding roads and tracks which led us over the county border and into Essex. The lack of border control was almost disappointing, a part of me wished there was a guard ready to check our visas and stamp our passports.

The route suggested that the walk contained a few hills with various up and down sections. Suffolk is probably flatter than a pancake so I wouldn’t worry about altitude sickness too much on this hike and it’ll only cause a slight burn in those hamstrings and quads!


After a half-way pitstop at The Bull Inn for a well deserved lunch and beer we carried on to finish the rest of the walk which then took in the farmland and fields between the two villages.

Finishing the walk in Clare, a traditional Suffolk village, we celebrated with coffee and cake. It may have been a day part-filled with walking and part with eating but it was still a great way to experience the area and it’s beautiful countryside whilst also discovering a more local part of the world.


So next time you have a few spare hours or a day off with no plans, why not grab a map, put on those hiking boots or cycling shorts and get out and explore?!

Happy travels!


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